VOKE's TrueVR™ delivers the highest quality VR experience in full stereoscopic 3D video that is integrated with augmented content in a 360 VR environment.

The depth and clarity of the true stereoscopic experience creates a natural viewing environment, transporting fans from their couches into courtside seats or onstage with the band. The flexibility of the platform allows fans to control the content they watch like never before: Through multiple camera angles with zoom capabilities as well as synchronized DVR viewers can decide what they want to watch and when they want to watch it.

With shareable social media for VR and linear feed enhancements, VOKE offers the most personalized, fully immersive experiences for all fans worldwide no matter where they are, while changing the way networks, sports leagues and teams engage with their audiences.

True VR

VOKE Solution

VOKE has created a real-time, end-to-end technology platform that supports a full range of devices and is easily integrated into existing distribution channels and branded apps, allowing everyone to participate.


Camera Technology + Production

VOKE Eye Technology is able to capture and deliver 180° and 360° live action in real-time with best in class resolution and no fisheye distortion.


Real time experience delivery and API/SDK

VOKE’s highly efficient, real-time VR platform allows fans to enjoy the most personalized viewing experiences of live events. Content is captured, encoded, synced with scores, metadata, and audio, and delivered – all in real-time and to multiple platforms.


VOKE brings exciting VR experiences to live events like sports, concerts, and fashion shows, all in real-time. Media companies can choose a turnkey solution and offer the VR content on a channel on the VOKE VR app, just as New York Fashion Week chose earlier this year. On the other hand, companies can also use VOKE APIs and SDKs to host content on their own websites and branded apps, as Turner did for NCAA March Madness tournament and Star India did for the Kabaddi World Cup.
  • National Football League

    The National Football League and VOKE collaborated on a 4-game test to create a personalized, fully immersive virtual reality highlights experience for fans worldwide during the final weeks of the 2016 regular season. Working alongside the award-winning team from NFL Films, VOKE produced in-game and postgame highlights in VR for the following games: Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars (12/4), New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12/11), Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans (12/18) and Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers (1/1). Fans are able to access the content via the VOKE app.

  • Big Ten Network

    The Big Ten Network became the first college sports network to broadcast a football game in live VR for the Minnesota-Nebraska game. VOKE used four 180-degree HD cameras, one in each end zone and two along the sidelines, to capture the action, while integrating augmented graphics and live audio to provide fans with a fully immersive, 360-degree experience. Viewers could toggle between each camera angle by simply tapping a camera icon. Fans were able to access the TrueVR experience by downloading VOKE’s GearVR app from the Oculus Store and using a Gear VR headset and Samsung phone. The game was available on the BTN channel within the VOKE GearVR app. Additionally, real-time highlights were posted in the app throughout the game, a first for a live VR broadcast.

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  • NCAA Final Four

    VOKE partnered with Turner and Oculus to provide a multi-faceted VR experience at the 2016 NCAA Final Four and National Championship Game. The versatility and reach of the platform allowed millions of fans to enjoy a courtside view of the Final Four, including Villanova’s buzzer-beating win over North Carolina, through Gear VR, Turner’s March Madness Live app, Turner/NCAA web viewer and highlights on Facebook 360.

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  • New York Fashion Week

    VOKE partnered with Intel and WME-IMG to produce the first-ever live, full stereoscopic TrueVR™ broadcasts of 13 designer shows at New York Fashion Week. Fans accessed the TrueVR™ experience through the VOKE GearVR app by using a Gear VR headset and Samsung mobile phone. VOKE also streamed an immersive 2D offering live on NYFW.com and many of the designers’ websites.

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  • Hotstar – Kabbadi World Cup

    VOKE formed a partnership with media conglomerate Star India to start delivering live sporting events in virtual reality for the first time to fans in India. The new partnership began with live coverage of the Kabaddi World Cup through Hotstar, Star India’s video streaming service. VOKE’s live TrueVRTM stream was available to Hotstar users on both Google Cardboard and Gear VR headsets. In addition, a personalized, 2D user-controlled experience was available for viewers without headsets on Hotstar.com and on the Hotstar app. It marked the first time TrueVR™ content from a live event international sporting event was available on multiple headsets and mobile operating systems.


  • CBS This Morning

    Voke partnered with CBS This Morning to provide a virtual reality experience and behind-the-scenes look at the broadcast. The studio’s first-ever live VR stream was available live and allowed viewers to pan, zoom and shift between the cameras to take a 180-degree look around Studio 57 in real time. The content was also available on CBS This Morning’s YouTube channel for mobile devices.